Saturday, June 16, 2007

Movie Serial


Mob boss Dave Eggers of the powerful McSweeney's Syndicate, accompanied by evil gun moll Vendela Vida, holds a meeting at creepy Syndicate headquarters on Valencia Street. Present are main henchmen Po "Pretty Boy" Bronson, Dan "The Ogre" Handler, and Stephen "The Kid" Elliott. Boss Eggers is upset that the latest effort to destroy underworld rivals "The ULA" has failed.

(Blockhead Eggers little knows that as an amorphous organization with no address and no property, appearing out of and vanishing into thin air, the ULA can't be killed. It's an idea, not an entity.)

"We'll change strategy," Boss Eggers declares to the gang, as Pretty Boy stares wide-eyed, the Kid shivers, and the noxious Ogre blinks uncontrollably. (Slinky Vendela looks at the inept gang members and sneers.)

"Duh, Boss, does I gets to hurts somebody?" the Ogre asks while decapitating a child's doll.

Pretty Boy's question is marginally more intelligent. "We need easier territory."

Eggers grins, having anticipated him."We'll go after. . . ." Eggers announces, "The other guys!"


jimmy grace said...

what happened to the other chapters?

King said...

They're coming!
I'm simply moving the whole thing over-- or will be-- chapter by chapter, to make it easier to follow.
REMEMBER-- every time you post under an assumed name, I get to write another chapter!
Neat, huh?

jimmy grace said...

Jimmy's my real name, but if it encourages you to make art, go for it.

In fact, why don't you pretend I've just posted 10,000 times?

King said...

Stick your phony friendly routine up your ass.
You should know that the one thing I can't stand is liars. Unfortunately, this society is filled with them.
Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you can't be honest.
Why can't you be?

jimmy grace said...

Why don't you look in the mirror and face how paranoid you are?

King said...

Paranoid? No, you ARE posting under a fake name. You've admitted this before. It gives me no reason to care to deal with you.
Our Protests and Complaints have been well-documented. It's hardly paranoia if what we're saying is true.

jimmy grace said...

That's just what paranoid people say, dude. You know in your heart that nobody gives a shit but a few bored cranks out in cyberspace (yeah, like me) but in your fantasies all the bigwigs plot against you.

I won't argue about my identity for the billionth time. Your stupid accusations split your own organization down the middle.

Brooklyn Frank said...

cool, this is a good idea to separate out the fic on a new blog. muchos kudos, KW.

King said...

To "Grace":
Curious remark about the ULA split.
If no one reads us, why would anyone have cared about that report?
As you know, chum, that wasn't the real reason that the shake-up took place at that time.
Did it damage the ULA? You really think so?
For me, it removed internal roadblocks to our proper strategy.
It was a temporary setback, that's all.
Strategically we're in fine shape.
Occasional setbacks, wash-outs, are necessary in any endeavor.
The "fundamentals" for the ULA have never been better. The literary world is slowly moving our way.
Our position on the game board is unbeatable.
Think about this: Being too radical for moderates in the ULA team has happened occasionally.
A bigger problem has been when we become too moderate for the radicals-- such as when we lost the active participation of our most important member next to me.
The roadblcoks in our way are many-- but don't assume for a minute that we're not very clear-eyed.
(Btw-- if your side wishes to communicate with me, it can be done ONLY on a basis of honesty. Your games are a fundamental mistake that will be remembered when the ULA truly gets going.)

jimmy grace said...

I don't have a "side." I'm pro-art. The fact that you ticked off your own members and nobody else proves my point. I don't know if it caused any damage - but I do know it didn't scare anybody but your own people.

And if you go back and look at your own comments when your big fight went public, you'll see I posted at the exact time Stephen Elliott was reading.

I like some of the stuff you write. I say so when I do. I say I think it's bullshit when it's bullshit. I like the story you're writing here.

When you asked me to leave your other blog I did. I take it you can't take anything but compliments, so I'll leave here too. Good luck with whatever the hell it is youre doing.