Sunday, January 22, 2012


Excerpt of upcoming


"I'm aware that I've outraged many powerful folks in this town. I know it. This moment at the sound of my voice there's a lot of teeth gnashing going on.

"Why do I have this radio station? Because it was the one way in this alleged democracy to have a voice. The only avenue through which to speak the uncompromised, unedited, unmediated Truth. We have as much speech in this country as we can control or pay for. All else is a magician's trick.

"Don't believe those who say they're for free speech. Distrust them. They're not. Real democracy presupposes a meeting of equals. Equals! The gap between rich and poor in this civilization exceeds that of ancient Egypt, or Babylon, or Rome. I haven't seen all in my excursions in the world but I've seen that.

"When someone tells you how liberal they are then be most alarmed. Those are the individuals who embrace most their own self-bestowed goodness, they can do no wrong, which means if you criticize them there must be something wrong with you and they'll act to quickly shut you down!"